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Block Paving

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Block Paving is your key to unlocking the beauty of your front yard. Your driveway and patio should be one of the most taken care parts of your property in terms of location, size of space, and appearance. It reflects the kind of home and living you have.

Block Paving

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Let Us Lay The Perfect Block Paved Surface

There are several layers involved in the process of converting your block paved driveway and Patio. Before this, builders will conduct an excavation process to prep the layout of your site. When the layers are complete, blocks are placed side by side, interlocking with one another. When all the bricks are laid down, this now serves as the topmost layer.

To make the locking more cohesive, more sand is poured in between the blocks, and then the surface is flattened with a vibrating plane. This method is almost the same in block paving, and it only matters in the technique in laying down the bricks. Similarly, this is also called brick paving because of bricks of different types and shapes are used.

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Block paved driveways provide a lasting look and a stunning finish. A block or a brick is either made of clay, concrete, or composite. One of the benefits of this is that individual blocks can be replaced or lifted if there is damage. The brick replacement doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the whole pavement since builders have a way to have the replaced bricks placed effectively.

Blocks come in different designs and type of materials. A clay block is a versatile type of material carefully mixed and manufactured before it is being sent for use. The prices vary but only slightly, but the essence of choosing the right material will depend on your home, the health of the ground’s foundation, the amount of foot and car traffic, and the applicability of aesthetics based on your taste and preference.

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You can also choose blocks made of concrete. Concrete, when formed as brick, is a mix of small rocks, cement, sand, and dyes. But with technology and diversity when it comes to building industry, block manufacturers adapt to the changing needs of man. Contemporary styles of blocks made of crushed glass or crushed stones from the rubble of a building are also great for the pavement. There is a diversified interlocking pattern you can think of with block paving. See some photos in our gallery.

  • Versatile in style and pattern
  • Environmentally sustainable due to the choice of earth-friendly materials
  • Replaceable
  • Highly absorbable drains fast
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable against foot traffic

Start embarking on your driveway makeover project, and rest assured that our builders will give you the best possible results for your long-dreamt block paved driveway. Spruce up your home, as our skilled builders work with care and precision to provide you with a driveway that lasts.

Southampton Driveway and Patio Pro leave no mess behind. Our builders ensure that your place is left tidy and pristine and your driveway is ready to serve you for many years. We would do it also precisely as what we want it done by ourselves if we were the customer.

Our driveways in Southampton are built with full compliance with all existing codes. We are proud of our customer base and of our years of service in delivering fast, ethical, and professional work.

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