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Make your new driveway look stunning and highly appealing with Southampton Driveways concreting service. A concrete driveway will serve you for many years, with our quality workmanship it insures longevity.


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Benefits of concrete driveways

  • Low maintenance and cost-effective
  • Dries quickly, shortens waiting times
  • Strong and durable
  • Applicable for large areas of paving
  • Slip and skid resistant, weather resistant
  • Durable against vehicle and foot traffic
  • Lasts for many years

Start embarking on your driveway makeover project, and rest assured that our builders will give you the best possible results for your concrete driveway. Spruce up your home, as our skilled builders work with care and precision to give you a driveway that lasts.

Southampton Driveway & Patio Pro leave no mess behind. Our pavers ensure that your place is left tidy and pristine and your driveway is ready to serve you for many years. We do it also exactly as what we want it done by ourselves, if we were the customer. We are proud of our customer base and of our years of service in delivering fast, ethical, and professional work.

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If you want a sure upgrade, we need to start from the very soil composition before pouring the concrete to your desired area. Soft spots in the soil will erode in time. These spots should either be removed or replaced with a more compact material. If you’re unsure on what to fill in, consult our skilled driveway builders for prepping up the soil.

Hardened roots must be removed; pipes beneath the ground should be checked. Broken pipes will just keep on leaking, and hence the water coming out will disintegrate the soil around. Make sure that broken pipes are replaced. 

In building a concrete driveway, steel reinforcement is an important part of the process. The steel will provide support to keep the concrete intact and prevent it from crushing. This way, the concrete with a reinforced steel produces a sturdy surface. The steel will prevent cracks because they hold the concrete intact.

When it is time to pour the concrete, ensure that it is the required thickness for your new driveway. A thin slab will compromise your driveway’s carrying capacity, especially for vehicle traffic. With a well-built concrete path, it can withstand even heavy trucks. For correct slab thickness, ask our professional builders that suits your home and other factors.

The curing process

The stability of your concrete will depend still based on the curing process. Curing is the final step in concreting a driveway. It serves as the finishing touch. With proper curing, the concrete’s resistance against defects and weather will be increased.  This is done by either sprinkling of water, covering with plastic sheet, or using of curing compound

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