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Resin Bound

Add a Touch of Class with these Stylish surfaces

Southamton Drivway & Patio Pro is your key to unlocking the beauty of your front yard.

One of the great services our company offers is the resin-bound surface. For your walkways, patios, and driveways, resin-bound paving is both permeable and non-permeable pavement made with a mix of resin and aggregate stones.

Resin Bound

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Explaining how it is applied, pavers use resin binders to mix with the aggregate particles and serve as a coat prior to laying. This is to ensure that the elements are fixedly bonded in contrast to a resin-bonded application where the coat is poured on the surface and then the aggregates are scattered on top. The resin-bound makes the whole surface impermeable.

For permeable-type resin-bound paving, pavement prevents flooding because the surface will simply absorb the water and drain it off.

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Pros of resin-bound drives and patios

  • Provides a solid and lasting finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Prevents growth of algae
  • Does not crack
  • Allows smooth water runoff; if permeable, absorbs water and let it runoff
  • Slip-resistant
  • Versatile in style
  • Highly durable against human and vehicular traffic
  • Power washed and easy to maintain

The perfect blending of resin-bound paving is installed on site by qualified builders to avoid poor workmanship. When done properly, it provides an anti-slip quality and can be diversified by adding a decorative finish, such as pigments of quarts or recycled glass.

In preparation against any weather damage, the resin-bound paving surface is built to protect against discolouration from UV rays. If maintained properly, resin-bound paving could last up to 25 years and still looks good as new.

Our builders work with care and precision to ensure the best possible results for every residential or commercial client. Our driveways are designed and built to last. We give you a clear and accurate information and guidance you need to decide on the right surface and design for you.

We don’t mind sharing our wealth of knowledge in helping you create a beautiful living space because we only want what satisfies you. We bring samples of design which you can compare right on the spot.

We then make an exact measurement and then spray on the whole driveway spot to be paved, and document the job and all relevant information to create risk assessment and method statement. This attention to detail not only ensures an excellent finish but helps keep the neighbors happy.

We visit and inspect your place, measure and provide a clear quote for your estimated project. We don’t rush or pressure for you to make a decision on that day.

Meticulous preparation is an essential step when building a stunning and long-lasting driveway. That’s why we go the extra mile to prepare your existing surface to perfection in line to agreed job specification. Using quality materials, employing excellent craftsmanship, and displaying value and commitment, we are here to finish what you set to start. Increase your property’s resale with elegance in mind.

Our Fantastic Contracting Company leave no mess behind. Our builders ensure that your place is left tidy and pristine and your driveway is ready to serve you for many years. We do it also exactly as what we want it done by ourselves, if we were the customer.

Our driveways and Patios in Southampton are built with full compliance to all existing codes. We are proud of our customer base and of our years of service in delivering fast, ethical, and professional work.

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